Since its foundation, the Central Office has initiated more than 7,660 preliminary investigations. The investigations have been concluded primarily by delivering them to public prosecutor’s offices for criminal proceedings to be started. It should be kept in mind that in many cases this figure also contains collective proceedings with a great number of persons charged with a crime and/or a large number of crimes. 18,500 proceedings concerning NS-crimes were and are pending with public prosecutor’s offices and courts in the Federal Republic of Germany since 1958. Even if some of these proceedings have not been opened by the Central Office yet, they are in most cases indirectly connected with it.

In addition, there are administrative proceedings and so-called review proceedings, which deal with archive researches in many cases, especially in archives abroad. The Central Office has been dealt with more than 118,000 of such proceedings and requests for information until now. Our central file consists of more than 1,7 million index cards divided into personal files, geographical names files and files of military units. The separate collection of documents consists of more than 558,300 copies. One can find these copies with help of a document card index, which contains about 163,000 files, and information where the original document is kept.



Status as of December 2018